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Colt Python by Whig
Colt Pythons currently cost so much because so many collectors and shooters are willing to pay that much for a Python! Colt Pythons have been considered the best double action action revolvers ever made for general sale. They were created to be ...
How does the Savage Model 6 locked breech rifle work? by Two Old Dogs
The Savage Model 6 was designed as a locked breech, straight pull repeating rifle that also has the ability to be used as a semi-automatic with the correct ammunition and proper positioning of the locking bolt (bolt handle). When the locking ...
George and the Bear by George Albany

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Thanks, both responses were extremely helpful! This is a great site.
by tmoxley - 8 minutes ago
Todd: The Ted Williams Model 400, Sears vendor number 273.12520 is not listed in my references, but would be a 20 gauge variant of the Winchester Model 101 made in Japan by Miroku ...
by Two Old Dogs - 9 minutes ago
Bill: T. Gardner is a trade name that is not listed in my references. I suspect the shotgun is Belgian in origin. I need to see better lighted and showing more detail, plus I need to ...
by Two Old Dogs - 15 minutes ago
Its just jargon for subscribing to the thread. (Wanting to be notified when a response is posted) The problem is that there is no way to "tag" a thread without subscribing to it via ...
by Rob62 - 21 minutes ago
A decent 7400 ranges from $300-$550. Look on Gun Broker. It would really have to be boogered up to be $200.
by Gator55 - 49 minutes ago
Great! Thank you so much
by bocates - 57 minutes ago

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