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Heckler & Koch P7M13 Serial Number Listing by user2048
The P7M13 began production a year after the P7M8 in 1984. It is similar to the M8 in that it has the same magazine release, plastic heat shield, and larger trigger opening. The main difference is the "M13" ....which means a 13 round magazine ...
Confusing Top Break Revolvers - The Sears, Roebuck Connection by Two Old Dogs
Top, Howard Arms Company Hammer Model made by Meriden Fire Arms Company. Middle, Howard Arms Company Hammerless Model made by Meriden Fire Arms Company. Bottom, Andrew Fryberg & Company Hammer Model, possibly made by Meriden Fire Arms Company. ...

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What is the value of my 1968 BAR. It shoots just fine and is in great shape. https://www.gunvaluesboard.com/images/fbfiles/images/DSC01
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Hi. I'd like a ballpark value of my HSc 7.65 mm Eagle over N. I've hidden the original mag from myself, has aftermarket mag. Clean well defined bore. Eagle over N and 380 stamped on barrel. ...
by Doug44051 - 2 hours ago
Wondering how to determine the year of this 15a model 22 Stevens rifle
by Matthew Klinger - 2 hours ago
Your Colt Woodsman Target .22 pistol was made in 1937. It is worth $400-$500.
by Blackjack33 - 3 hours ago
No afraid not, just the revolver.
by Whiteji1 - 3 hours ago
Mark: Made in November, 1970.
by Two Old Dogs - 4 hours ago

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