Old Winchester Model 1200 - age and value
Looking to find out the age and approximate value of the following: WINCHESTER MODEL 1200-12 GA - 2 3/4 CHAM. Winchester Proof Steel RIOT S/N 416688.
by Guest
Winchester model 74 value and date
Hello, I'm trying to find the approximate mfg. date and value of a Winchester model 74, 22 LR semi-auto ser# 256089A. It is in fair condition but shoots good. Thanks.
by stevndart
Looking for value of a Winchester Model 12
I'm trying to find a ballpark value for a Winchester Model 12, 12 GA shotgun, full choke, SN 19459xx, 28" barrel. The blueing is slightly worn, and the wood is in good shape, with no scratches, but a ...
by BamaBullseye
Value of Winchester Model 94 in 32 WS
I have a Model 94 in 32 Winchester Special with buckhorn sights and a serial number of 1452xxx (1947?). It is in fairly good shape but there is some patina and rust spots. Can you confirm the date of ...
by Mike H.
Value of Winchester Model 60A
I have a Winchester Model 60A, 22 Caliber, LR, L & Short Bolt Action. It is in fair to poor condition but still fires. The stock is in one piece with no cracks. The barrel and metal is very ...
by paul
What is my Winchester 38/55 worth ?
the year of the rifle is 1894 it has a round barrel its in good condiotion and the serial number is 53626. Everything is original on this rifle ...
by What is my winchester ...
Winchester Model 94 32 winchester special.
My question is why is there so much variance from site to site on this model gun. I have one with a serial number 115,814. According to most sites that serial number puts it at manufacturing in 1898. ...
by Jimbo Fry Daddy
Value of Winchester 1200-12GA
What is the year and value of my Winchester-1200-12 GA-2 3/4 CHAM SERIAL # 128660 http://www.gunvaluesboar
by Bert
Winchester 1897 12 gauge, what would value be?
have my grandfathers shotgun, winchester model 1897 above serial number is the letter C serial number ? 2174 ? could be a 6 or a zero before the 2174
by winchester value
I have a Winchester Semi Auto Model 63-22 Serial #56213A and a Winchester P...
I have a Winchester Semi Auto Model 63-22 Serial #56213A and a Winchester Pump Model 62A Serial #101029. Can you give me a date of manufacture and a price range as to their value? Thank you.
by Prahatexasboy
Value of winchester 32 special rifle
Trying to find the value of a old Winchester 32 special lever action rifle
by Bret
How much is a winchester model 37a with gold trigger, and a ...
how much is a winchester model 37a with gold trigger, and a 36 inch barrel with full choke worth
by Guest
Looking at a Winchester advertised as follows: FIRST YEAR RUN BLUE FINISH MINT ABOUT 95% SER#34280. Understanding "mint" to be subjective what should the ballpark price range be. Complete novice ...
by Steve
Winchester Model 1200 Stainless Value
I own a pristine Model 1200 Stainless 12 Gauge 18" barrel shotgun. I'd like to know its market value and more precisely its model, i.e., Defender, Police, Marine, or Civilian, etc. I've attached ...
by kbk_larry
Winchester Model 37 12 gauge value?
Good morning, I'm looking for an accurate assessment of value for a 12 gauge Winchester M37, 30" barrel. I'd call the condition fair, nicks and surface rust, even some paint splattered on the stock. ...
by bv117
What is a Winchester 62A gallery worth?
Serial # is 336541, condition is probably good to very good. My 11-year olds' grandfather just gave it to him.
by Tommy
Winchester Model 94 30 WCF
I have a Winchester Model 94, 30 WCF serial no. 1231106. What year was it made and what does the 30 WCF mean? Is it a 30 caliber carbine or a 30/30? What's it worth? Thanks ...
by RB
12 guage Winchester 370
I have a Model 370 Winchester, 12 guage with a 36" barrel. I'd like to know how much the gun is worth.
by Wes
Winchester 94 illinois sesquicentennial
I recently got a winchester 94 illinois sesquicentennial. Its chambered in 30-30. It is in really good condition. the gold plating is all good and the stock and blueing is still in almost new ...
by kennyrandolph
Winchester Model 1917
What is my Winchester US Model of 1917 worth? The serial number is 385896. Thanks...
by Dennis
Value of my winchester 94 30-30 made new haven conn usa winchester proof steel
I am trying to find out about,how much my rifle goes for.
by winchester rifle
Winchester Model 190, looking for year made
Have a Model 190 and am looking for a manual and the year manufactured. Called Winchester and they guessed between 1970 and 1980 because it isn't stamped for .22s, only L and LR. I gave them the ...
by Art
Winchester 1886, 40-82 WCF
I just purchased a Winchester 1886, 40-82 WCF rifle the the other day as I am a rookie gun collector but did not happen to think about what the true age of the gun was until now after reading some of ...
by Bill
Winchester 9422m SERIAL #F129850? How Old is it?
I have a Winchester 9422m SERIAL #F129850 How Old is it?
by Guest
1884 Winchester
i have a winchester repeating arms company 32 rifle dated october 14, 1884. Do you have any information on this? It belonged to my grandfather. Thanks.
by 1884 Winchester Rifle
Model 94 Winchester
Serial no 1215283. I know it was manufactured 1942. But that's all I know. Any idea on what it's worth?
by Jay
Value of 1940 Winchester Model 94
Would you please help me value my Winchester Model 94 30 W.C.F.? The serial number is 1183838 Thank you htt
by Annetta
Winchester model 61
Looking for a price on my winchester model 61 serial # 156613 in good condition
by hiphopfox
Winchester pre-64 or post-63
The correct terminology is "Pre-64" or "Post-63". Too many people get it wrong by saying "post-64". The "Pre-64" Model 94 rifles & carbines were manufactured using forged steel parts that were ...
by Bert H.
Winchester model 55 value?
Trying to get an idea of the value of one of my dad's old rifles. It is a winchester model 55 cal 25-35 and I have learned that it is a takedown model.
by Stylist
Winchester M-12 16Ga 26"bbl. Value
I have this nice model 12 and need help placing a fair value on it. Ser. 41233 Dom 1913 26"Bbl Mod choke Matching ser numbers on bbl and reveiver. ...
by Carl6258
Winchester Model 9422.22 S-L-L-R Todays value
Looking for some ideal of the value of this 15 shot Leaver Action 22cal rifle..Made New Haven Conm USA Serial F188018. ..Very good Conditon , little use. Very few marks any where.
by john Whitfort
Winchester 1400 ranger
how much is a winchester 1400 ranger 2 3/4 ex cond
by justin
I have a model 1904 Winchester that was passed to me from my...
I have a model 1904 Winchester that was passed to me from my father, his grandfather gave it to him. I would love to know how to figure out when this rifle was made. I have looked around on the web a ...
by Guest
My grandfathers’ Winchester model 94 30-30 pre-1964 is in bad shape. My father was hard on this gun and removed the original bluing and damaged the stock significantly. Yes, I know it’s worth ...
by aarbeh
Winchester model 12 featherweight
I have a Winchester model 12 featherweight with s/n 1800777f. What year was it made and what's the value please.
by robc
How much is a winchester 1300 12 gauge worth?
how much is a winchester 1300 12 gauge worth?
by Guest
Winchester Repeating Arms Co. .40-82
Stumbled upon a few boxes of old ammo. Any collectors out there that know what this is worth?
by tmoxley
Year of Winchester Model 150?
Have a Winchester .22 lever action serial #81062536 (with Tasco 4x32 scope). Any idea as to year of rifle and value (very good condition)?
by ret1re
1938 Winchester model 94 value
Just wondering what a fair value for this model 94 carbine. Everything appears to be original and never refinished. Zero rust and some patina. Serial number 1151214 ...
by Martispeed

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