What's the value of a Rohm gmbh songheim/brz model 66 22 caliber magnum rev...

What's the value of a Rohm gmbh songheim/brz model 66 22 caliber magnum revolver

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1 year ago #2
Two Old Dogs
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Retail value for a gun in good or better condition would range from $75 to $125 depending on mechanical and bore condition and remaining and metal finish.

1 year ago #3
Rohm GMBH .22 Model 66 ...

They say that it is worth $50.00 to $125.00 depending on the condition.
Some say it is the most worthless gun ever made. I beg to differ! I love mine, it shoots great, it is the most accurate pistol I have ever fired, it is made solid and has never given me a problem. I wouldn't take $500.00 for mine regardless of what they say. If you have never fired one just take one out and fire it a few rimes and you will love it. I also like the ability to change the cylinder from longs to magnums. I mostly use the magnums.

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6 months ago #4
Tony C.

I am like you, I have had mine since about 1977. I mainly shoot 22 magnum hollow point in mine. Mine is very accurate. But the problem I have at present time is that I think it lost a spring inside or something. The cylinder will turn manually by just flipping it with your finger. So I do not shoot it until I can get it fixed. Any Ideas on what the problem may be? My name is Tony C. Email address is: <email> . I appreciate any suggestions that anyone might have for me. Thanks.

Tony C.

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6 months ago #5
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Tony - sounds like the chliner pawl or "hand", or the cylinder stop / spring is broken.

Your best bet would be to take it to a trained gunsmith for repair.

However please note that it is illegal for gunsmiths in some states to repair these guns which have been classified as "Saturday Night Specials".

See this blog for more info.



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