Heckler & Koch P7M13 Serial Number Listing


The P7M13 began production a year after the P7M8 in 1984. It is similar to the M8 in that it has the same magazine release, plastic heat shield, and larger trigger opening. The main difference is the “M13″ ....which means a 13 round magazine capacity versus 8 for the PSP and M8. The magazine is double stacked most of the way, slimming up to single stack for the last 3 or 4 cartridges, as it gets to the feed ramp. As a result, the grip is wider, and a little longer. Dimensions for comparison....

P7PSP: 6.5″L X 5.0″H X 1.1″W ....27.7 oz

P7M8: 6.7″L X 5.1″H X 1.1″W ....28.0 oz

P7M13: 6.9″L X 5.3″H X 1.3″W ....30.0 oz

These are quite a bit less common than the PSP and M8....approx 23,600 made (I have not been able to find documentation to find out the total manufactured for any of the M7s). I have been monitoring sales on Gunbroker, and like the P7M8, they tend to generally be in very good condition. These would make a great “carry gun” but I guess most people are leery to do that because of the value of the pistol. Anyway....since September 2017, I have counted 28 sales...the absolute lowest price being $1975 for one with moderate edge wear on the slide and no box with one magazine (recent minimum for a magazine by itself is $135....in the past they have been more in the $200 range). For the highest selling price...a new-in-the-box with all contents and paperwork went for $4550 in Jan 2018. Contrast that to October 2017 where one exactly the same went for $2925. Another the same also sold the same week in October 2017 for $4025. Most recent NIB with contents/paperwork went for $3625 earlier this month (Mar 2018). ...so you can see prices vary widely depending on the buyer’s desire to have one. LNIB or one with very light edge wear with box tend to typically be in the $2600 - 3400 range...again, prices vary quite a bit.

A serial number listing is below. Note that in the late 80’s, they added a “17-” prefix to the numbers. Also note that there is overlap between 2001 & 2002.

P7M13 17- (approx 23,600)
Starts at 71101
1984 IE 71101 73374 2273
1985 IF 73472 75036 1564
1986 IG 75145 78190 3045
1987 IH 78298 79656 1358
1988 I I 79970 81369 1399
1989 IK 81439 84207 2768
1990 KA 84475 85898 1423
1991 KB 86424 87621 1197
1992 KC 88212 89596 1384
1993 KD 89769 90775 1006
1994 KE 91041 91530 489
1995 KF 91797 92270 473
1996 KG 92384 92445 61
1997 KH 0 0 0
1998 KI 92829 92911 82
1999 KK 93213 93260 47
2000 AA 0 0 0
2001 AB 93822 0
2002 AC 0 93710
2003 AD 94234 94265 31
2004 AE 94449 94667 218
P7M13…overlap AB to AC

An aside on the grip *****..... For pistols that have had more use, you will see wear marks on the sides of the grip ***** from the in-and-out motion. I have seen numerous examples that have shown some holster wear on the slide edges, but have not had much or any “grip wear” (as I call it), indicating they haven’t been fired much.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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