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Have a Winchester .22 lever action serial #81062536 (with Tasco 4x32 scope). Any idea as to year of rifle and value (very good condition)?

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They only made them from 67-74, I don't have any more info on them googling might find a year.

With a scope in very good condition I think you can get between 200-250 bucks, there's nothing wrong with them I think the choice of the plastic sights was a bad one ...

Might be able to squeeze a few more but it's not a collector and your getting into a price were someone will just spend a little more and go buy something new.

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My 150 is serial number 544438. I bought it new around 1968 or so. I read a lot of posts that mention the plastic sights. Mine has metal sights and they work fine. I've fired probably 2200 rounds with it, 125 just this past week, and there is a jamming problem with mine. I have always had that problem with it.

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I have a Md.150 I bought new in 1970 from the BX while in the Air Force. It's never had a mis-fire but has always had a very week ejector spring and often leaves the spent cartridge inside the magazine that will cause a jam. I don't believe there is any place to get parts for this model rifle. The thumb operated elevator on under the rear sight is the plastic part that they're talking about, don't know why Winchester whould make it out of that.

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I have a 150, SN 544070 that I bought in 1967,it has the metal sights, it also has the same problem with ejection that you mention. I shoot it alot and would not part with it.

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