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Would like the value of a stevens 25 cal. single shot lever action pat. date 4/17/1894.

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You have a Stevens "Favorite" rifle.

The exact model isn't marked on the gun. The only way to tell which model you have is for you to describe the gun in gory detail.

There is a page here: http://www.wisnersinc.com/additional_info/ stevens_favorite_rifles.htm which will help you identify your model.

Now for the bad news.

Most favorites are worth $75 to $200, but yours is in .25 Stevens rimfire.

No ammunition for that gun has been made since the 1970's, and individual cartridges now sell to collectors for $5 to $10. So, your gun is a "wall hanger." There is absolutely NO shootable ammunition available. If the gun was a .32 instead of a .25, there are adaptor cartridges available that use .22 blanks to power the shot, but there isn't ROOM between a .22 and a .25 to make an adaptor.

Figure $50 to $75 as a decorative object.

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