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i have a winchester model 94 32ws in good condition serial# 1454683 what year is it and whats it worth. thank you

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Your rifle is a flat band era variation manufactured during 1947. The .32 WS caliber is the lowest valued of the three possible made at that time. "Good condition" really does not give me enough detail to give you an accurate valuation for the rifle. Could you please post some good, clear, detail photos of the rifle?

This is the fourth time you have posted this question. Hopefully we get it right this time. I began to wonder how there could be that many of these rifles all of a sudden for sale.
http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/i-have-a-winchester- model-94-32-special-lever-action-serial...- 9789926.html
http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/i-have-a-winchester- model-94-32calibar-special-serial-14546...- 9769626.html
http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/i-have-a-winchester- model-94-32ws-serial1454683-what-can-yo...- 9745726.html


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