WInchester Model 71 .348 Value

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Looking for opinions on the value of a model 71. Seems in good condition and I have some pics. Kicker is the serial # is 70 so I think that would make the mfg date in 1936. Any opinions appreciated. Have other pics as well. Stock has not been modified, blueing seems good or very good, think the sights are original as is the butt plate. Round barrel.

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These rifles commonly had bolt mounted peep sights like yours does. Does it have a 20 or 24 inch barrel?
The rest of it, in only one photo, looks pretty nice.


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Model 71 Winchester

Ihave a 4 digit Sn model 71 and another that is a later manufacture.
Your rifle in NRA 95% condition should sell for somewhere between $1800 (Wholesale value) to around $3000 (Top dollar retail value.
If the bluing shows any wear at all, reduce above by $200 to $500. If any pitting of the metal, reduce by an additional $200. If any dents or deep scratches in the stock, reduce by same amount.
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bob cataldo

i have a browing 348 model 71 has canada montreal engraved , appears to have a golden trigger and engraged on both sides with a dear. i cant seem to find any info on the gun. can you help.


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