value of my winchester 94 30-30 made new haven conn usa winchester proof steel
I am trying to find out about,how much my rifle goes for.
by winchester rifle
Winchester Model 94 32 winchester special.
My question is why is there so much variance from site to site on this model gun. I have one with a serial number 115,814. According to most sites that serial number puts it at manufacturing in 1898. ...
by Jimbo Fry Daddy
Winchester pre-64 or post-63
The correct terminology is "Pre-64" or "Post-63". Too many people get it wrong by saying "post-64". The "Pre-64" Model 94 rifles & carbines were manufactured using forged steel parts that were ...
by Bert H.
Winchester 94 Value
I have a Winchester 94 with a production date that has it being produced in 1941. Good but not excellent condition. Estimated value?
by Marty
Winchester Firearms Dates Of Manufacture
CFM Factory Letter
When discussing pre-1964 production Winchester firearms, there are three separate dates of importance; 1. The "Polishing Room serialization" date. This is the specific date that the serial number ...
by Bert H.
Winchester model 1892
I have 2 each Win. model 1892 lever action rifles. Both are stamped with 38 W.C.F. What caliber are they? serial #'s 4343XX and 4316XX approx. value, if in fair to good condition ??? Thanks, ...
by ChipperD
Evaluating a Winchester Model 1894
By Antique Military Rifles CC-BY-SA-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons When evaluating a Winchester, the condition of all parts must closely match each other. Obviously, the higher the overall graded ...
by Bert H.
A word of caution regarding the Winchester Repeating Arms Site
The Gun that won the West - Winchester 1873
The so-called "Winchester Repeating Arms website" is not really the true "WINCHESTER". Instead, they are the Winchester division of the Browning Arms company, which is owned by the Belgian ...
by Bert H.
Winchester rifle value
I have a winchester rifle model 63.22 from my fathers estate. I wanted to know the value? It has super speed and super x also on the barrel. Thank you
by jmck
How to dissemble and clean a Winchester Model 1885
High-walls-1 002-C.jpg
The process of disassembling a Winchester Model 1885 is actually quite simple... if you are familiar with them. For somebody who is not familiar with the Model 1885, it can be a challenging task ...
by Bert H.
I got a model 94 Winchester in 32 Winchester special and was looking for wh...
I got a model 94 Winchester in 32 Winchester special and was looking for when it was made and the price range if I were to sell it. The stock is 90-95% and a gloss coat. Serial # is 2232320
by SWarner1028
Value of my 1885 winchester?
My grandmother passed me down a model 1885 that she says has been in the family for a long time. The serial number is 88438. There is a 1 stamped on the bottom of the barrel and 44W.C.F. stamped on ...
by chuckV
Early Winchester 94 .30 WCF I have an early Winchester 1894 serial number 1...
Early Winchester 94 .30 WCF I have an early Winchester 1894. It is a take down version with a round barrel. Rifling is mint. Barrel and receiver have original blue. Has a case hardened trigger and ...
by Shoestring
Value & Condition of my Winchester Model 1906???
Full Length
Hello all, I am new to the site and this is my first post so hopefully I am doing this the right way. My father gave me his Winchester Model 1906 rifle serial 447795 as he had no use for it any more ...
by hazelheroe79
value Winchester 3030
Trying to find out the value of my Winchester 30/30 model 94 WCF? Serial# 1284715. Any input would be greatly appreciated. http
by EMT74
Winchester 1894 Value
Hi, I accidentally posted this in the general topics area. Hopefully it will be seen more here. I am looking to find the approximate value of this 1894 Winchester octagon barrel rifle in 32-40 ...
by gkn
What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 Wells Fargo & Co. Commemorative?
What is the true value of a Winchester Model 94 Wells Fargo & Co. Commemorative? The answer lies in the answer to the following question; Is it still NIB (New In the Box), unfired, and ...
by Bert H.
Winchester 9422 value
i have a winchester Model 9422 LAPD father/son commerative from around 1981. Never fired and in excellent condition. just curious if you could put a ballpark figure on the value of this gun.
by jimmy sacco
Winchester model 1895 value
Hello I have recently inherited a Winchester model 1895, I believe in 30-40 krag. It says us 30 on the barrel. I looked up its serial number and it says it was manufactured in 1898. I am try to ...
by Jd
Winchester 1890 value
Any help with a value for this Winchester model 1890 serial 82214. attached are numerous pictures to help with determining value. Thank you in advance for your help. ...
by WV
I have a Winchester 1894 in .32 Winchester Special. Serial No. 454621. Octa...
I have a Winchester 1894 in .32 Winchester Special. Serial No. 454621. Octagon barrel. On the receiver it is marked "Nickel Steel Barrel" over "Especially for Smokeless Powder" Can you tell me ...
by Guest
Winchester 9432
I have a 9432 (S# 325735) Was just wondering the value of it. When you open the chamber the lever is a little loose, is that something that I should worry about or are they all a little loose? ...
by Wes
Winchester 1897 shotgun 16 ga full choke winchester proofed ...
Winchester 1897 shotgun 16 ga full choke winchester proofed markings manufactured in 1909 some rust on top of barrel but markings can be read Any thoughts? Official size ammo for this firearm? ...
by Guest
Value of a Winchester
I have a Model 9422 Winchester .22 cal rifle. How do you tell from the serial number what year it was made? The only number I can find is F followed by a 4 digit number.
by Don
Winchester 37A 12ga
I have a Winchester Model 37A, 12ga, 2 3/4 and 3" chamber. Made in Canada. Serial Number is C531407. The metal is in excellent condition. The wood is very good condition. What is its value and when ...
by SharpShot
when was my Winchester 63 made?
I have a winchester model 63 but would like to know what year it was made.
by Winchester 63
Winchester 1894 32-40 I have a Winchester 1894 in 32-40. Serial # 546993. A...
Winchester 1894 32-40 I have a Winchester 1894 in 32-40. Serial # 546993. Approximate age and value? Thanks, Dean ...
by kat0257
Help with Winchester 22WRF
I have a Winchester Rifle in 22WRF that I cannot tell what the model is. Based on what I have learned it may be a 1890 or 1906 Pump rifle. It has an octagon Barrel that is apx 23 inches long. ...
by wormhauler
1894 winchester 30wcf
Just saw an 1894 30wcf serial# 979... with half round half octagonal 20" barrel. It has Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardened receiver and forend cap. It also has an engraved Texas star on the right ...
by Aggie Bill
Winchester Model 61 value.
I would like you'll to take a look at my Winchester Model 61 and give me a approximate value. It's a Model 61, serial #46339, smooth bore, 22 S.L. or L.R- I would guess it's in good condition, but ...
by Mark .22
Winchester 1873 Hi, I have inherited a Winchester 1873 third...
Winchester 1873 Hi, I have inherited a Winchester 1873 third model. According to serial number, it has been manufactured in 1903. It is in very good condition and I love it. However I have two ...
by BobtheCannuck
How to effectively ask a Winchester related question
No generation conflict
Welcome to the Gun Values Board WINCHESTER Forum! Please ask all of your Winchester related questions here on this forum. If you have a different make of firearm, please refer to the forum ...
by Bert H.
Winchester Model 77
I have a Model 77 with a 7 shot clip. Serial no. 12080. With Weaver scope. Average condition. Shoots well with no problems. Any idea what it's worth?
by Bill G.
Value of Winchester 1894
I'm trying to determine value of rifle with serial#85151 manufactured in 1897 has pistol styled grip and half octagonal and half round barrel ccan anyone help?
by Swan
model 1894 winchester
I have a model 1894 that my dad gave me. He told me that my grandfather bought it during the depression. I was wondering how old it was. Thank You
by Joseph DeLuca
Winchester Winder Musket
Hi, I have an opportunity to purchase a Winchester High Wall Winder Musket .22 LR. It's in excellent condition and I believe it's a first model due to the double barrel bands. Was wondering if ...
by Joe
Winchester 1894 model.
I have an old Winchester lever action with an octagon barrel. I believe its a 1984 model. The serial number is 5107. There is other marking that say 38-55. Going from other research I believe this ...
by JAG
Winchester .40-82
I have a Winchester .40-82 rifle. Pat. Oct. 14, 1884, Jan. 20, 1885 Serial # 34203. It is engraved on the top of the barrel in two locations: Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn. USA ... ...
by Vern Pennington
Winchester 52
I have a Winchester Model 52 I got from my grandfather 15 years ago.It has been in my case for that long . It has a Lyman Target Spot on it . The serial number is 22601. I dont think it has even been ...
by Scotty82
Old 1894 Winchester
The history on this gun goes like this.......... My Grandfather was a US Marshall in Ogden, Utah many years ago. This gun belonged to him, then my Father & now me. My grandfather's name (and I ...
by evinrude110

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