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I have a Winchester model 1894 in .32 WS. The serial number is 1468161. The rifle appears to be in very good condition, and functions. Can anyone tell me when this rifle was likely produced and an approximate value?


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Your rifle was made between 1943 and 1948. Poor record keeping during WW II. I usually like to see some photos to make sure of the condition of the gun. I just got done with one guys Model 1873 that he told me was 75% condition and then admitted that maybe that was too high and it is about 40%!

If your rifle is in the better than 80% and maybe 90% the value should be in the $500 to $550 range. It is just going to depend on the wear to the rifle. Photos are always welcome. Good, clear, in focus, and some detail shots. Not the gun laying on the floor kind.


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Bert H.
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Hello EZ,

Your Model 94 (flat-band) Carbine was manufactured very late in the year 1947. It will have a 2-digit year "47" stamped on the bottom of the barrel (under the forend stock & magazine tube)

Winchester actually kept very good records for the Model 1894(94) up through December of 1945.

The potential collector value is difficult to ascertain without actually seeing the gun (or quality pictures of it).

Bert H.

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there is a site you can type in the ser num and it will tell ya manuftr year. that number is sometime in the 40s

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