5 years ago#1

where can i find the value of an INA brazil 38 special Model 1?

5 years ago#2

a9ab1what is the value of a ina tiger 38 special handgun made in brazil

4 years ago#3

what is the value of a 38 special with no trigger made in Brazil

4 months ago#4
Freddy C

I have the same made in Brazil 38 with tiger on side I would like to know some info please????

38 with tiger on side and I.N.A Made In Brazil on side of gun very solid shooting gun I got it 40 yrs ago as a kid my first gun have others this is my favorite love it any info please contact me thank you.

4 months ago#5
two old dogs
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I have edited your two posts into one and deleted the duplicate. Multiple posts asking the same question are prohibited by Community Rule No. 5.

Your INA tiger Model was made by Industria Nacional De Armes of Sao Paulo, Brazil in the introduced in the 1950's and produced until 1964.

Industria Nacional De Armes was primarily a manufacturer of military arms for the Brazilian Army.

Retail value for a gun in good or better condition would range from $75 to $150 depending on mechanical and bore condition and remaining original metal finish.

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