what would a c52 7.62 tok czech c.a.i. georgia ut be worth? ...

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what would a c52 7.62 tok czech c.a.i. georgia ut be worth? it looks to be in good shape.

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hello,,sounds like your talking about a CZ52 pistol in 7.62x25 ,,id say if in good condition it would be worth around 150-200,,there were alot imported and most were pretty nice ,,they came with original holsters an extra mag and a cleaning rod ,,when they first hit the states they sold for around 100 bucks,,there a great shooting pistol with about the same power as a 357 ,,

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Bigcurt is right on with the estimate.

Ammo is readily available and cheap. The round is quite hot and in the right hands is accurate and lethal past 100 yards...not my hands mind you.

It also shoots out an impressive amount of flame when shot at dusk...really impresses the natives.


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