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what is the value of a rohm rg10s 22 cal. LR revolver rohm fmrh southfim/brfenz in average cond.?

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Best possible answer: It's value is zero.

Next best answer: You can probably get $25 at a pawn shop.

The Rohm RG-10 revolver is a notoriously dangerous "Saterday night special" poorly made gun in which frequently the cylinder does not align with the barrel and when you pull the trigger as much lead may come out the sides of the gun as out the front.

They have a HORRIBLE reputation. They break after very little use.

The BEST thing you can do is break the hammer off with a pair of pliers and then save the gun until the next "buy back" offer and turn it in for the money or paint it orange and give it to a kid to play with *after breaking off the hammer*

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revolver master

i have had my rohm modelrg10 for six years now.and i have shot it over a 1,ooo times and had no problem with the gun. i really don't think you know much about this gun.you should go back to whon ever told you about this gun and the both of you go to gun classes.you shoulded put down a gun untill you shoot it.

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Had one, shot it , hated it. I've seen many of these and most have failed after a few boxes of ammo. If you lucked into a good one, then good for you. No one TOLD me about it, I experienced many failures with these over the years while shooting with friends.

To really evaluate a gun or anything for that matter, you have to look at the majority, not the exception.


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have had one since 1968 and have never had a problem. its not meant for 1000's of shells just one well placed shot

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A better than average ...

I have a 22lr with a 3" barrel given to me along time ago. When the trigger is pulled the cylinder aligns to the barrel and locks tight with no movement. I have no problems with this revolver, except it give a very load report. I own a Glock 23,v Bersa thunder .22, Ruger 10/22, C Judge 410/45, 1938 Mosin Nagant, and many highpower pellet rifles. I guess that I must have one the better Rohms.

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make seperate strings for the others pls

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