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what is the value of a nitro hunter 16 gauge shotgun with serial number 58224

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Nitro Hunter was a trade name used on shotguns made for Sears, Roebuck an Company of Chicago. If a single barrel gun, it was manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Company (1893-1930), W.H Davenport Arms Company (1891-1910 or Hopkins and Allen Arms Company (1902-1915).

If a hammered double barrel, it was made by an unknown Belgian maker.

Detailed pictures of the action can possibly determine which manufacturer made your gun.

Shotguns of this era were often equipped with Damascus, Twist or Laminated Steel barrels which are not safe to use with modern ammunition. Additionally, 16 gauge guns had chambers shorter than today's 2 3/4' length shells. Even if the barrels are fluid steel, an evaluation by a competent gunsmith is recommended to determine chamber length and barrel steel composition. Using 2 3/4" ammunition in a short chamber creates dangerous high pressures that can damage the gun and injure the shooter or bystanders. If deemed safe to use, only the light field or target loads can be recommended.

Value of the Nitro Hunter single barrel would range from $50 to $100 for the Crescent and $190 for the Hopkins and Allen or the Davenport.

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