What is my Winchester Model 70 30-06 worth?

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I'm trying to insure my firearms, and I need to find out what my Winchester Model 70 is worth. The serial number is G1015642. I believe it is a 1971, and it has a Bushnell ScopeChief IV 2.5 X - 8 X scope. Let me know if any additional information is needed. It is in immaculate condition. I don't believe it has a scratch or scuff on it. Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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It is a 1971 vintage Model 70. As such, its value is soley as a hunting tool. The Bushnell scope adds very little to the value. I would list it at $750 for insurance purposes.

Bert H.

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Hi Burt,

Could you please help me with an evaluation? I have an inherited an NRA 360 of 655(I think) Winchester model 70 30-06 with fagen stock and leupold scope. It looks brand new, barrel rifling lands and all. I looked and could not find the box(**** it!)

It was my grandfather's, who was an avid sportsman, finally now planting the ol' heritage and proud responsible firearm ownership(meaning I need to continue the heritage) from the grave: I sure do miss him(tear). He left me a nice collection.

I don't want to sell it without knowing what I have. I bought some good Hornady ammo and should take it to the range this weekend(april 2013 Michigan).

I'll do whatever I can to compensate you for your thoughts.

Thank you,


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