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What is my 1920 Lithgow Shtle III Worth? I read that between 1918 and 1922, the factory workers were practically piecing together leftover parts together. Is this True? If so, Does this decrease or increase its value?

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Of course,matching serial numbers with the bolt and the rest of the rifle makes the piece more valuable than one with mismatched parts.Also,one without an import mark adds to its value. Then there's condition--not just cosmetics,but the barrel's rifling,as many have been fired with corrosive primer ammunition,leaving dark,corroded barrels that don't clean up.
Your best chance of getting the price right is first determine what you actually have,as ones marked"xp"on the bolt handles can be very rare and thus very valuable,but they are few and far between,as Old Koala suggests.
Good luck with your research.Lots and lots of mismatched "shooters" were imported by Sarco,Navy Arms,etc. and are selling at a couple hundred,more or less, depending upon condition.

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Joseph A. Nagy, Jr

I have one as well, here are all the marks I could find on mine:

Numbers/designations on/around the action:
Lithgow SHT.LE III* 1920
Australia .303

The forward most piece of the action (where the round enters the barrel):

there seems to be a W stamped on the barrel, but the wooden stock obscures half of it and the rest of whatever is stamped on

Lithgow mark on opposite side along with letter 'P'

Under the rear sight:
Lithgow mark and the number '2'
( can't reliably read the rest, too odd of an angle with the light I have)

Y 8302 near bolt
opposite of that (on the other side) is the Lithgow mark and the numeral 1 (non-Roman)

On Stock:
The butt:
12 / 44

circular area near end of butt where service mark might have been glued on?

near bayonet mount:
6151 (barely distinguishable, maybe something similar)
G (or O?) 8(?)50

on bayonet boss:

On front sight:
O (or 0)A
0 (or O)F(?, could be 4)5

There is another set of numbers near where it says "Australia .303" that I cannot fully make out:
TAOO SEACO CA (it looks double-stamped so I can't be 100% those are the letters/numbers)

there is a brass plate on the very butt of the rifle, no markings

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What if my gun has crowns stamped into it and it's a 1919 has many symbols stamped in to it

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