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Larry P

I have a .32 Hopkins & Allen 5 shot revolver that I inherited and would like to know its approximate worth please. The top of the 3 " barrel is stamped with "Hopkins & Allen Mfg Co Norwich Conn U.S.A.PAT Jan 5 Oct 5 89" The serial number stamped on the bottom of the grip is 10 865. I've attached a picture. It appears to also have the serial numbers stamped on the cylinder that holds the rounds. Could use refinishing. Any assistance is appreciated!

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I estimate your H&A is probably late 1800's. Using black powder shells. Modern ammo might damage the piece. No real value perhaps $125 -$150 if you find a person to buy it. To work on it a gunsmith probably get $50 and hour if parts are found. If it works let it be.......

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