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what is a winchester model 43 worth .218 bee

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I have a winchester model 43 from the mid 50's I'm considering selling but cannot figure out what it is worth it is in mint condition please help

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T. Griffey

A model 43 Winchester, 100% condition, is valued at around $800. If it is a Deluxe model, add 100%. If it is in 218 bee, add 100% again. That comes to about $2,400.
Keep in mind, that is 100% condition. If there are any holes tapped in the gun that were not factory, subtract 60% total. That would bring the rifle down to about $960.
The only model 43's that were tapped for scopes were made in 1958. That was the last year of the 43. Just goes to show you how badly values can be damaged by altering the original gun. Even one tapped hole can cost you $1,440. Make sure you do your homework when buying or selling guns like these. Just because it looks factory dosen,t mean it is. Get an appraisal.

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