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What is a 1937 Gesicert German Luger 9mm worth? It has numbers stamped on it that are 1058, 58, S/42

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hello,,lugers are a hard item to value without seeing some pics ,,the S/42 markings indicate it as being produced by mauser ,,the pre 36 pistols had a different finish listed as a rust blued finish ,,the 37-1940 dated pistold should have a salt type blueing ,,the serial number 1058 is the pistols serial number ,,the parts with 58 are correct for the pistol and if all parts are 58 then you have matching numbers gun,,this always increases the value with collectors ,,if some parts are mismatched then the pistol is proably a rebuild or has had some parts changed thru the years ,,typically a completly matching pistol could value from around 700-over 1000 to the right collector and possibly even more if it's really clean and original,,discover is the guy to chime in here ..he knows lugers pretty well,, theres alot of collectors out there for lugers even if a mismatched gun ,,mismatched pistols and pistols is less than good or better condition will sometimes be refered to as shooters grade pistols and they can range from 250 -500+or - typically depending if there complete and shootable ,, the markings gesicert is proably marked on the left side near the saftey lever and isn't actually the maker,,

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BIg curt is correct about the gesichert...thats german for safety.
I am in Italy these weeks so I am a day late on all posts
THe rust blue finish actually continued until the first four months of 1937...so there are two variations of 1937 Mauser lugers. Early rust blue....(real beauties) and LAte dipped black blue...etc

Need a photo to know where we stand...and letter block uder serial

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Al Frank

How can you tell an early 1937 Luger from the late model with salt dipped blueing?

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One of the easiest way to tell the difference is that the rust blued lugers will have strawed small parts. Meaning the trigger, safety lever, and mag release button will have a yellowish color.

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