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ronnie hamett

does anyone know the value of this gun and where to liquidate...

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hello,,this is one of the westernfeild model numbers that don't cross refrence ,,i beleive it's a semi auto and possibly savage or stevens ,,are there cuts on the left side of the receiver around the chamber,,i think we had a question on these before and they were a semi also sometimes called a "gill gun" because these cuts look kinda like fish gills,,lol,,i may be wrong here ,,but if this is what ya have then the value is around 125-140 if in really nice shape as for selling it ,,i'd try a loacl newspaper classified or a local bargin sale paper ,,not alot of collector intrest in wards westernfeild model 22's unless the original manufacture's model was a special run,,but i really don't think yours is anything special that would put it in a highly desirable catagory,,

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yes it does have gills. But what interested me was the length of the barrel at 24 inches.

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