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Michael in Texas


I have a 1970s Luger by Stoger Arms. Good+ condition with holster. Holster is average condition, has some marks on it and pistol has some blue wear (holster wear) at the tip of barrel. I'm original owner, have box, store hanging tag and bill of sale from the 70's. Everyone says these are cheaply made pistols and I smomewhat agree as it has some plastic pieces but it shoots like crazy. It's very accurate and I love that about it. I point and it delivers. Fixed sites, flat walnut grips, 1 magazine and you really do need to use high velocity ammo to get the best performance out of the action. I've seen some on the web for like 400 and while I like the weapon, I'm not a luger collector so I'd sell it. Yes I know it's not a "real" luger action but it's similar. If it's not worth anything I won't be disappointed as I'd have to spend $300 today to get another .22 to shoot. I shoot .45 and reload for the .45 but still can't go shoot 500 rounds of .45 for what I can .22 LR.

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You might get $400 with the box and bill of sale but that might be top end for these...


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I agree with Kleist's estimate. I dont agree with the language of the other guy

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I am interested in your .22. I had the same gun back in the 70's and loved it.

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