Value of Rossi 38 Snub nose?

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Hello, I have a Rossi M88 "S" "2" it is a snub nose with a black leather or maybe a plastic butt if that is the right word. I want to sell it, I was curious what I could ask for it? It has been in a sock drawer for years, I only used it about 15 years ago when I bought it at practice range. Thank you for any help!

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Unfortunately just about all Rossi handguns will never be worth that much money. Rossi has been and most likely will always be a "budget" brand. That however does not necessarily mean they are Cheap.

If your gun is in excellent condition it would generally be in the $175 - $275 range.

If it were my gun and I was trying to sell it I would ask $250 (very fair price), if in like new condition then $275 would not be unreasonable. I think on the very low end for an M88 in excellent condition you should be able to get $200.

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