value of Marlin 336C 35Cal Serial#70-124025 Lever action has...

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value of Marlin 336C 35Cal Serial#70-124025 Lever action has been fired approx 25 times 95% good

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Dear Guest
The Marlin 336C is the 20" barrel version of the Model 336 rifle, introduced in 1948 as the improved version of the Model 36, which itself was an improved version of the Model 1893/93.
Your Marlin carbine was made in 1970 at a time when the Marlin was the best game in town. The quality of its major competitor, the Winchester 94, had taken a serious nosedive in 1964 and had not yet recovered. The Marlins were well built out of good materials, the fit and finish was of high quality and the patented Micro Groove rifling made for very accurate lever action guns.
This was also before the lawyers took over the industry and got Marlin (and Winchester and Mossberg, etc.) to do dumb things like install crossbolt safeties in lever action guns.
During this period, Marlin made the 336 available in three chamberings - .30-30, .32 Winchester Special and .35 Remington. The latter is the least common, but a fine deer and black bear cartridge. The .32 Special chambering was discontinued in the mid-70s.
In NRA Excellent condition, I would value your carbine at around $400, perhaps a little bit more.

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