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Going through my fathers guns I found a Winchester .22 caliber pump, short, long or long rifle. It has the serial number of 394357. I have did a little research and from what I can tell this is a model 62 that was made in the year 1958, which is the last year this model was made. Is this information correct? If so I was wanting to know the approximate value of this rifle. No pictures, the rifle is not in perfect condition, however it is still operational. It has never been restored and it is all original, if I was to give it a grade I would grde it's appearance as poor to fair. Does this rifle have any value?

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Your rifle was actually manufactured during 1957. The last serialized rifles were in 1959. For an exact date please take a look at the following link and get back to us with more details. http://www.gunvaluesboard.com/when-exactly-was-your- gun-manufactured-1404.html

In the condition you describe the rifle is only valued around $300.


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