value of 1908 game getter over under 22/40 round ball, 2 sights

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1908 game getter

My husband has a 1908 game getter produced by the marble az co. with two sights, over under barrel with 22 on top and 40 round ball on botton has a metal foldable stock, and were told and confirmed that the serial number shows that it was produced during the first line of this companies game getters, We would like to get value of this gum. Also told it was in excellent condition for its age and has original scabbord, not sure that is spelled correctly. Thanks Judy Currie

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Your Hubby's 1908 Game Getter should be serial numbered A to M; then 001 to 10000.... The retail price in 1934 was $24.00 for the 12" or 15" barrels and $26.00 for the 18" barrel. Good return on money spent.... Keep the stock on it or you can be subjected to a $200.00 transfer tax.

It's valued at;
Exc. Cond: $1,800.00 USD
V.G. Cond: $1,200.00 USD
Good Cond: $750.00 USD

Hope this helps you out,

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