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Stevens .32 RF

I acquired this rifle not too long ago. I assume from what I have seen that it is a Model 44. It has a half Octogonal/round barrel. What I find odd is that the receiver/barrel are not blued like others that I have seen and it is also engraved on the receiver. Is this some sort of special edition? This gun is not in the best condition I would guess maybe 50-60%?? If anyone has any more info they could give me on this rifle it would be greatly appreciated!

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2 years ago#2

Just so you know I arrived here via Gunbroker forums...

I happen to own a .25 RF very much like this rifle, only with a takedown option (Just a ringed screw really.) In any case the receiver appears to be identical, except for the engraving.

As to your question... What you're seeing is roll engraving. In other words just a scene rolled into your receiver by a machine. I doubt it will affect the value one way or the other.

2 years ago#3

Thanks for the info!

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