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I have a springfield model 1903, serial #388213 that belonged to my late father. Can you give me some info and possible value on it. I would say that it is good condition and does fire. Thanks.

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hi greg,
hers's what i found.

The year of manufacture for serial number 388213 is 1909.

All rifles recalled and rechambered for .30 caliber in 1906.

Improved heat treatment started at 800,000.

Introduction of nickel steel started at 1275767.

Model 1903A1 rifles were made after 1929 with a full pistol grip type C stock, but were otherwise the same as earlier Model 1903 Rifles and marked Model 1903.

About 25,000 National Match rifles were scattered throughout production from about 1920 to 1940, and many can be documented by serial number to their original purchaser by payment of a fee to Springfield Research Service, Silver Spring MD.

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