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I've searched around and cannot find something similar for pricing. What do you think this is worth?

Smith & Wesson
Model 15-3
2" barrel, nickel plated
adjustable sights
excellent condition

Thank you very much!

Posted on Smith & Wesson
5 years ago #2

Uncommon revolver in both 2" and nickel. I'm, not surprised you haven't found much on the net. I have the same gun made a little later, a 15-4. 6 yrs. ago i paid $400 for it, 98% cond. w/ box and ppwork. yours, being "ex." would bring between $250 & $500. Hard to say for certain. I watch these specifically on the auctions, and 2" nickels can go as high as $600. Don't go by the price guides, it's not what i see peole pay.

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I'd be inclined to estimate $350 - $400

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