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I have a single shot 12 gauge shotgun stamped with
no 393676 BRAZIL
12 GA 2 3/4" CHA....

any help in determining the value and more about the gun would be greatly appreciated. it has been in the family for at least 35 years now, probably longer as my dad gave it to me for Christmas about 20 years ago and he said it belonged to my grandfather. the gun made an excellent rabbit gun and fired very well the last time it was fired about 4 years ago.

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FIE imported a lot of inexpensive guns.

It's unlikely we can establish exactly which company in Brazil made your gun, but many Brazilian shotguns are quite nice, and I suspect yours is.

Single shot shotguns other than those with some special signifigance or made by a particularly famous maker have little value these days when you can buy pump and semi-auto shotguns for under $300.

Unless somehow special, all singles by all makers sell in the range of $75 to $150 at retail depending on location and condition.

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