Savage Model 1904 22 S. L. & L. R.

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We have found a barrel in a pile of metal junk from an auction in the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia.

It is marked : Manufactured by Savage Arms Corp Utica N.Y. U.S.A. Pat Nov 28 1905. It is also marked Model 1904 22. S.L. & L.R.

There is a small oval stamped on the barrel with the letters SAP inside the oval.

The entire length is 10 3/4 inches but from examining the tip end of the barrel it appears to have been shortened.

Would welcome an identification if possible or a picture of what the original may have looked like.

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It’s from a Model 1904 single shot bolt action – sometimes referred to as the ‘Junior’. The Model 1904 came out in 1904 (oddly enough!) and was made for many years last showing up in some issues of Savage catalog No 66 with a price list dated Jan 1931, it’s gone from a No 66 dated 1932. The originally barrel would have measured 18” from the chamber. The Model 1905 was just a longer barreled version of this action and the most common variant of it had a Swiss style butt plate and adjustable trigger. The Model 1911 20 shot repeater was based on the 1904 and looks almost identical (the prototype actually was a modified 1904). The 1904 far out lasted the guns developed from it. There was a high-grade version offered that had select wood and was checkered.

It was the last gun design of Arthur W. Savage’s for Savage Arms, application filed for April 8, 1904.

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I just found mine that my grandfather gave to me before he died

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How much is this gun worth ?

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