Ruger M77 SS Allweather Stock

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Trying to find value of:
Ruger M77 Mark II Stainless steel synthetic stock 30-06(not laminate) that has been 'skeletonized;.

Carried on it a Leupold 3x9 scope (unsure of model)
I've had this since it was out of the box around 10 years ago

I would say that it's in excellent condition.

Never really been out in a hunting experience. (still virgin and without a kill) has had maybe 3 boxes ran through it.

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value for a ruger 77r with the ruger skeletonized stock is 450 exc-600 nib,,the scope you have would value 150-200,,the scope doesn,t add much actual value when sold with the rifle because people are looking for a rifle not nessasarly a scope ,,if included with the rifle the package might bring another 50 dollars to the prices quoted ,,so you would proably want to take the scope off and sell it seperatly and ask somewhere in between the prices for scope quoted,,

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Thanks a bunch for you help.

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I appreciate the information.

I Found that the scope that's on it goes for about what you posted.

VARI-X IIc by Leupold.
Ebay values: close to $200
Rifle it's self is in near perfect condition since it's not really been out in the brush.

Very much appreciate the info.

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