3 years ago
lisa almanza

i have a amadeo rossi s. a. .325. interarms from alexindria, va. sao leopoldo-r.s that is made in brasil. what is it worth and what is the correct bullet size.

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3 years ago
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hello,,rossi revolvers have came along way since there early models and are a good revolver in the market today,,interarms was the distributor for the earlier models prior to 1998,,after 1998 they were imported thru braztech,,looking thru rossi's line in my refrence books i'm seeing there pistols chambered for the 32 S+W cartridge and thats the only 32 caliber listing interarms imported ,,so i'd say thats what yours is ,,but if ya have any doubt ,,you should have a good gunsmith check it to be sure ,,the 32 s+w round isn't a powerful round but is very easy to handle and recoil is very minimal ,,there are 32 s+w shorts and 32 s+w longs ,,just make sure there marked 32S+W,,not 32magnum and ya should be ok ,,but again.. if in "doubt" have a gundealer or gunshop check it before fireing,,

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