Richland Arms "Astra" 10 gauge

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I have a Richland Arms "Astra" 10 gauge double barrel in pristine condition. Anyone have any idea what the value may be?

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hello ,,the richland doubles were inported from spain and your shotgun would be the 711 mag model i beleive ,,these were imported between 1963-1985 and values would be around 300 good -450 exc,,

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bigcurt i have a gun a just had willed to me, maybe u can help, it has stamped on the barel made for richland arms co maid in spain 10 ga. 3 1/2 inch double barel with a no. 23924 it also has g. zaaralay y c stamped on it. it is in very good cond. where could i look this up and how much is it worth? thanks alot if u can help. timbob

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