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I have acquired a Revelation Model 300 12 gauge pump shotgun. Looks like it holds 5-6 shells. I am wondering a couple things. What is the quality of Revelation guns and what is its value (ballpark low to high). Haven't cleaned it yet. There is some surface rust, but looks like it may come off -- not in the metal.

I also have a very old looking 12-gauge single-shot break action labeled Revelation Model 300. I have seen that this is similar to a Savage model 30. Any info on the Revelation 300 is appreciated. (Age, value, quality, etc.)

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hello,,i beleive revalation was a trade name for western auto guns ,,they were a good quality shotgun and made by stevens and the 300 pump is proably a stevens md 67 ,,the 300 single doesn't jive with the numbers ,,seems the 300 line were pump guns from savage and stevens ,,there were 4-5 300 models but all cross to pumpguns ,,so mabey double check that model number ,,these guns were made by stevens for westwern auto hardware stores and sold it the 40-60s..

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