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I just acquired a Remington model of 1917.I haven't taken the gun apart yet but the markings on the gun are:
Behind the front site there's an R under that there's flaming cannonball and under that is 7-18
On top of the receiver it's marked US Model of 1917
Remington 469248. On the left side of the receiver it's marked with a flaming cannonball.
On the bolt handle there appears to be a Q with C with flames underneath it.On the bolt there appears to be a marking that I can't make out.The barrel and receiver appear to be chromed.I would like to know the value of this gun,any help would be appreciated,thank you.

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If the fore stock extends almost to the muzzle, that means that it hasn't been sporterized, so it could run in the mid $500's. If the fore stock has been cut down, you could ask around $450-$500....

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hello,,your rifle sounds like a parade or drill rifle being it has a chromed finish ..many of thes as well as the older springfields were chromed for honor guard or VFW use and values are much lower than original guns with original finishes ,,your rifle should still be in the 300-400 range but collectors really don't usually pay the higher preimiums for parade rifles,,still a nice find ..

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