O. F. Mossberg + Son, Inc. New Haven Con, Model # 183D-C 410 Ga 3 inch

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How much is this Worth? How much is this O. F. Mossberg + Son, Inc. New Haven Con, Model # 183D-C 410 Ga 3 inch worth?

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hello,,the model 183-d was made between 1947-1971 there kinda popular with sportsmen looking for starter guns for the kids or the wife,,value is still fairly low on them and there averageing between 100-150 these days around my parts in good or better condition,,it could bring a little more if it's like new with the original box and hang tags ,,

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Model 183D-C Bolt Action Repeater, ejector interrupter added. Made 1953-1956

They are not made anymore - Condition and what you are willing to pay is what the value is.
A firearm valued at $1,000.00 (in a book) and you can only get $700.00 out of it --- From my point of view the value is $700.00.
If you can sell it for $1500.00 then the value is $1500.00.
If you are buying to keep then the value of the gun is what you are willing to give for it---
When you are dead and gone your relatives will place a different value on it because it will have cost then
$0.00 dollars!
My way - Put the firearm (or picture of firearm) on the
floor - Lay the amount of money beside it.
Look at both of them - The one that puts the biggest smile on my face is the one I pick up and leave the other laying!
Life is Short - Enjoy the ride because you can't take the money or the item with you!
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As said 183D-C was manufactured from 1953 to 1956 value depending on condition from $50 to $150

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The .410's go for more than the 12 or 20ga bolt action shotguns. The average for the 12 or 20ga is around $75-150 in very good condition but the .410's seem to go $175-250 at auctions and I have seen some go way higher.

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