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Nickle Steel Winchester MODEL 12-12 Gauge full choke made in 1913 serial number #372288. Does anyone know how much it's worth?

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Bert H.
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Your Model 12 was actually manufactured in October of 1923 per the serial number. The 1913 date you found on the barrel is a Patent date.

The value is primarily determined by the graded condition of the gun. Assuming that your gun is a standard Field grade gun in typical used condition, it has a value somewhere in the $250 - $400 range.

Bert H.

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Cal DiPiazza

Yeah i got a Nickel Steel Winchester MODEL 12-12 GA. MOD the serial# is 320568. made in 1923. And the pat. date is 1913. How much is it worth? Its a little tarnished, and its got a few scratches on the butt.

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