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I have a New Baker 10 or 12 guage, damascus barrels, side by side, double barreled shotgun. It has hammers that are cocked to fire tha gun. Of significence are the following markings: Syraquce Forging and Gun Co. Syraquse, NY; Patented June 1st, 1886, and the numbers: 1928.

The shot shells are brass,which I have unfortunately missplaced. They are somewhere in the house.

OF WHAT VALUE IS THIS GUN IN REASONABLY GOOD CONDITION? (It has no bluing left if there ever was any.)

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baker shotguns were a good quality double from the time period ,,i remember having a baker batavia ejector model when i was a kid and wish i still had it today,,the downfall with your shotgun just like many damsacus guns is not a real in demand shotgun because of the low pressure loads with black powder,,if yours is in reasonable condition and tight id say it should be worth 150-250,,it's more a wall hanger than a shooter these days ,,

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