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my gun says tanfoglio giuseppe italy.32 cal. excam inc. hialeah fla.c15115.what is it worth.i also have one that says pistole model 27 kal 7.65 253621.and a rifle that says enfield 2513.68 30.and one that says ruger 22 cal new model single6 6&1half barrel

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On the T.G. Excam Targa .32:

I used to sell these, which were imported from Tangofolio Guiseppe Arms in Italy by Valor Corp. in Hialeah. They were produced from about mid-70's until about 1990, during my old gun shop days. These and the Excam Targa .380 was a very inexpensive, 7-shot, single action auto which was low quality. They had regular problems in hanging up when cycling a new round, even if using fmj rounds. Brand new, I used to sell them for about $150 - $175. In today's market, they don't bring much since they are not a sought after handgun. I'd say that in new-excellent condition, the .32 Excam Targa GT would be worth about $125 and in good-very good condition, about $100.

If you have the GT XE (12 shot) you can add about $30 more to the values above.

For those readers who may have the .380, the values are approximately about the same, though the Blue steel ones are valued just slightly higher than the alloy frame ones.

If you have one of these and find it hanging often, you may wish to polish the ramp some, and then only use fmj rounds.

Hope this info helped.

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Do you have Clip For it for sale for the 32 Cal

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Any idea where i can buy magazines for the Tanfoglio GT 32

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You can buy them from Numrich. Its the same clip as the Excam Titan II .32. I ordered one last year and its the same clip as the one that came with my GT32.

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.32 Cal Auto

Excellent response, U know your firearms

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