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chris minix

what is the value of a Izhevsk made mosin nagant 7.62x54 (m44 carbine) made in 1946 with original bayonet and stock in good condition? sorry for getting off topic!

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hello,,m-44 mosins are still pretty plentiful these days ,,they can run from 90-150 thru many distributors ,,but of course if your not a dealer these prices will be higher after ya pay the dealer to order one and with shipping and taxes ,,i see them quite often at flea ,markets and even gun shows in the 100-125 range for nice examples ,,but as with all milsurps eventually the supply will dry up and values will climb a little ,,but i don't think they will ever be a BIG ticket item ..but there fun to shoot and fairly cheap finding ammo for them ..

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