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Thumper in Ohio

I have a 45 cal. pistol and wondered when it was made and an approximate value .

On the left side it says:
Patented APR.20.1897.SEPT.9.1902
DEC.19.1905. FEB.14.1911. AUG. 19.1913



(just above the trigger gaurd)is A A (one slightly higher than the other)

On the right side it says:


(just above the trigger gaurd )is No. 90*

It is black in color , someone has put adjustable sights on it (Micro)and also something that made the trigger look and feel much wider (slides over trigger and attached with two tiny allen screws )

It has brown hard plastic stocks . Finish and all looks very good , 98% or better .

Anything anyone can tell me is greatly ppreciated.
Thank you all .

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hello,,first off your serial number places the pistol in a colt serial number block made in 1914,,it sounds like it's been modified from original with the rear siteand possibly the finish,,the original finish should be a dull finish sorta like a flat blue,,the peice on the trigger is called a trigger shoe and can be removed the rear site can be replaced and shoule be pretty close tp being back to original specs as long as the adjustable rear site wasn't drilled and tapped on ,,if it's a drift on site it's possible to have the original site restaked back on ,,if theres holes then i'd leave it like it is and it's a shooter ,,not a collectors item,,the finish could be redone to a close look of original by someone who restores old colts but it may be costly,,an original colt 5 digit serial number army marked pistol has a book value of 2500 in good condition,,and prices go up from there if the condition goes up in a collectors eyes ,,i beleive the grips should be wood double dimond grips,,like it is with the rear site and depending on the originality of the finish proably around 550-750 as long as there are no extra holes drilled into the slide ,,

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Thumper in Ohio

Thank you so much . The sights are the (drift type dove tail ) , not drilled anywhere and also the pistol is very dull and could be the dull blue you refer to , rather than calling it black . I think I will pick up some double diamond wood grips at one of the many gun shows , once again thanks so much .

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Gary McLaren

I have a Colts Model of 1911 U.S.Army .45 cal.
On right side on slide is - MOdell of 1911 U.S. Army
just above the trigger on the side is No.353562.
On left side - Patented Apr.20,1897. Sept.9.1902,
Dec.19,1905. Feb. 14,1911.Aug.19, 1913.
to the right of the above dates is figure of a
rearing horse, followed by Colts. Pt.F.A. Mfg. Co.
Hartford, CT. U.S.A.
just behind trigger on left side is a tiny
inscription- looks like a small flame and under it the letters su. It is very small & hard to read.
Finish is original dull blackish...grips are\checkered dark brown plastic.
Weapon is in excellent condition.

Any idea of when it was mfgred....and todays

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