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Charles M. Roeth
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I have a Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Serial # 327413 with a Leupold 3X9 Vari-X IIc mounted on it. Approximately what is the value of it? Condition is good.

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hello,,your model 70 was made in 1955 and at auction or to a md 70 collector i'd estimate the value at 1000-1500 for the rifle alone depending on condition,,add another 200 for the vari-x scope (used) and i'd guess the package would bring 1500 or so ,,but i'd say that if i were selling it i'd list the scope seperate from the rifle ,,scopes really don't increase the values on a big ticket rifle because it didn't come originally on the rifle and collectors are looking for original guns not guns with add on's,,and there the ones that will pay the preimiums for nice original examples,,bigcurt

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