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I'm bidding on subject rifle, and it's going for over $600! No box, no manual, no scope base, but perfect blue and Walnut with great grain. I've been watching auction sites for a few weeks, and pre-cross bolt safety / rebounding hammer 39As in good to excellent shape usually sell for about $525. Of course, some don't seem to sell at all, and others go for more than $750, but that's an average. This particular gun's manufacture date has some sentimental value for me, so I'm willing to pay a bit more than what's fair, but I don't want to be fleeced, either--more 73's will be along one day... Maybe...

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I think more than $600 is too much. Here in the SE USA good to excellent condition 39A's generally go for about $375 - $475. With a high of in the mid $500 range and this is retail.

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