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The Never-Ending War
While the Heller and McDonald decisions established the Second Amendment as a fundamental Constitutional right and applied that right to the states, those decisions focused almost entirely on the ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Medals or Loved Ones?
In the aftermath of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, some have learned valuable lessons. Others, not so much. Kansas City.com reports that on February 15, ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Criminalization Of Connecticut Gun Owners
The post-Newtown anti-gun hysteria has done at least one significant service for American citizens: it has revealed which elected representatives have no understanding of the Constitution, and which ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Firearm Trend Update for March 11, 2013
Let’s take a few minutes to review some of the recent trends in the Second Amendment war. War? Now that Mr. Obama has put the power and prestige of the office of the presidency behind the ...
by MikeMcDaniel
How To Send Yourself To Prison With Two Easy Shotgun Blasts
<email> More than a month ago, I posted an article titled “Forward to the Past With Joe ‘The Sheriff’ Biden.” It turns out I’ve been forced to ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Gun Ownership For Women: Who Actually Cares About You?
Glock 19.png
About a year ago I posted an article titled: “Why I Carry A Handgun.” I have since given that article occasional thought and have not felt the need to add additional reasons. However, I ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Forward To The Past With Joe "The sheriff" Biden (UPDATED!)
Double Barreled Shotgun.jpg
It’s long been common knowledge in the Beltway that to be reliably on the right side of virtually any issue--and of history--find out where Joe “The Sheriff” Biden stands, and take ...
by MikeMcDaniel
On The Nature Of Reality...
Ruger SP 101
Some would suggest that after the Newtown, Connecticut murders, a momentous change has occurred. Nothing could be more mistaken or cynical. School shootings comprise far less than a single percent ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Realities Of Police Response
The good folks at PJ Media have published my recent article on the realities of police response to school shootings. In brief: they can't get there in time to do any good. In Newtown, Connecticut, ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste
December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut: A deranged 24-year old who would like his name mentioned here shot his way into the school and began a murderous rampage that ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Print Your Own Guns At Home For Fun And Profit!
Recent advances in three-dimensional printing have produced some interesting and mildly amazing things. And now comes a gentleman claiming to be on the verge of producing actual working firearms ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Things To Avoid #2982: Shooting Off Your Man Parts
From time to time, "revolutionary" new methods of basic tasks relating to firearms crop up. Some, like the Weaver stance, are truly valuable and effective because they are founded on a sharp ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Whither The NRA?
My GVB colleague and friend, Ruth, recently posted an interesting and important article on the NRA. I recommend reading that article—it's relatively brief—in its entirety before going ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Elections Have Consequences: UPDATED 10-16-12
With the election only about a month away, it may be instructive to contemplate the likely consequences of an extension of the Obama era, particularly regarding American's fundamental freedom that ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Micro-Effectivenes s of Microstamping
Firing Pin.png
Since Bill Clinton's public recognition that his anti-gun activities bore a horrendous political cost, Democrats have been cautious indeed about overtly championing gun control measures. Not every ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Ancient Wisdom Applies Today
Sikh Kirpan
According to the BBC, there are some 20 million Sikhs, most living in the Punjab province of India. According to the 2001 census, 336,000 then lived in America. The BBC also noted: "Sikhism ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Aurora Shooting: A Meditation On Evil
Castro Street Looking South
The usual suspects are being—well—the usual suspects. I speak of the shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado that left—as of this writing—some 12 dead and ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Zombie Firearm Economics
Zombie Ammo.png
There are a number of interesting trends in the world of firearms as the presidential election approaches. Many of them are driven by one encouraging fact: as a political wedge issue, firearms are ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Fast And Furious: Update and Forecast (UPDATED)
juan williams
When railroaded out of a job by his long-time employer, NPR, Juan Williams appeared, for at least a short time, to feel the effects of an unanticipated injection of reality. Not only did his ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Reality Of And Rationale For Hollow Point Ammunition
Screen shot 1.jpg
The anti-gun movement has, over the years, provided substantial amusement—and aggravation--to those familiar with firearms and related terminology. However, that amusement has virtually always ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Folly of Warning Shots
Pistol Low Ready1.jpg
The Trayvon Martin case has provided the opportunity for a sort of national reflection, for a time to reconsider what we’ve long held to be true and what we believe ourselves to be. ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Trayvon Martin Case
I've been writing about this case over at my home blog, Stately McDaniel Manor. I've been focusing on analysis and issues that are not being explored elsewhere. If you're interested in that case, ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Personal Defense: The (Non) Viability of Less-Than-Lethal Technologies
I recently received an e-mail from a reader asking about "less than lethal" firearms technologies. More particularly, they were curious about a new type of "beanbag round" for 12 gauge shotguns. ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Why I Carry A Handgun
Virtually everyone that learns I am a shooter and instructor asks if I carry a handgun. The conversation usually goes something like this: Friend: "Really? You carry a gun?" Me: "Yes I do." ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Holder Department Of Justice Takes The Fifth
From the moment he said it, it was inevitable, and likely preordained. On December 8, 2011, appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder baldly asserted that he had ...
by MikeMcDaniel
The Lessons Of Sarah McKinley
New Year’s Eve, 2011. Sarah McKinley, an 18 year old mother of a 3 month old is in her rural home, alone with her infant son. Her husband has died of lung cancer only a week earlier. Two ...
by MikeMcDaniel
How To: The Agony of Stiff Recoil Springs
Do you know people who have purchased their first handgun--particularly a small semiautomatic pistol--only to discover to their frustration that they can't manipulate the slide? Often, they think ...
by MikeMcDaniel
It's A Brave New World Out There
May I brag a bit, and complain at the same time? I’m not bragging about myself, but about my wife, and there is—I promise—a point. The other day, it was again time to go through ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Politics Distasteful? Worse May Be On The Way
Politics. It's rather a dirty word these days, yet the Founders were wise enough to realize that it is a game that must be played in governing any people. Knowing human nature as they did, they ...
by MikeMcDaniel
To Bear Arms?
One of the strengths of the American system is the First Amendment, which secures free and robust debate. However it must never be forgotten that it is the Second Amendment that secures every other ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Philosophy, Progressivism and Evil
Evil. Most Americans will acknowledge its existence on at least an abstract level, but beyond that, discord reigns. It may seem on first glance odd, even paradoxical those that support freedom as ...
by MikeMcDaniel
You're On Your Own
The Scenario: You're out of town on business. Your wife is home alone. The doorbell rings. Peering through the peephole, your wife sees two large strangers, doing their best to hide their ...
by MikeMcDaniel
Gunwalker: Sabotage, Lies and Video
Before I begin my first effort for Gun Values Board, my thanks to Ruth who invited me to contribute. I'm glad to be here. I blog every day at Stately McDaniel Manor and also contribute to PJ Media. ...
by MikeMcDaniel

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