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I believe I have a Mauser model M in very good condition. Was wondering if anyone might have an idea on value.
19 inch barrel
double trigger
full stock
monte carlo
trap-door mag
door on butt plate probably for cleaning rod
three leaf back sight

Sorry, not proficient enough to post any photos!



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Hi mann,
The Model M (M for Mannlicher design, as rival to the "Mannlicher-Schönauer Stutzen" model) was included in the Mauser product range from 1914 to 1946. This light, easy to handle rifle was only provided with standard, medium and short actions and in 9 x 57 caliber or smaller. Amongst five standard versions, the M Stutzen with short actions are very rare. This stated I've found no examples to give you an honest est. of the value. A professional appraisal is probibly your best bet. IMHO

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