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I have a 7mm Mauser (probably) Spanish Model 1893 I think.
First off, very few markings but 4 Digit Serial number matches floor plate, stock on left side by receiver, turned-down bolt arm (top), Receiver (left side) Serial Number matches but is prefixed with an "S". Rear sight adjusts to 2000m not 1400, one spanish proof mark on the left side rear of the bolt below the safety. This mark is a small circle with a cross inside followed by 665. which does not match serial number. It DOES have a gas hole on the left side of the receiver and bolt carrier has a flattened bottom toward the end. Forward sight has protective ears. Bolt handle is turned down. No Crest.
How do I determine what year it is and am I correct in my assumption that it is a Spanish 93?

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hello,,i think your safe to asume it's definatly a spanish mauser ,,the 1893 did have the flat bottom bolt..most will have the spanish crest on the top of the receiver along with a date and usually the arsenal it was produced at ,,not haveing a crest makes me think it may have been one of the scrubbed rifles used during the spanish civil war,,basically they removed the state markings ,,most spanish mauser will have import markings on the barrel near the front site ,,and many time this will help to determine the country of origin and the caliber,,caliber is proably 7mm but see the note below ..

some of these spanish mausers were converted to 308 for the spanish civil guard troops in the 50's and usually the only signs of this are when they are import marked and stamped 308 win or 7.62mm,, so be aware of this conversion and if in doubt have it checked ,,they also made the fr-7 and the fr-8 variations the fr 7 was basically built useing the 93/95 action and then was rebarreled with 308 cetme look alike barrels,,the fr8 model used the large ring model 1943 mauser action and they seem to be a stronger action for the more powerful round,,theres alot of argument about the strenght of the action when useing modern 308 ammo ,,something to be aaware of when shooting the 308 variation..

values for them these day without the spanish crest would proably be in the 150-220 range complete in original configuration with original stock and all metal hardware in the original 7mm caliber ,,if it's been cutdown or a scope added the value would be as a sporter and i'd estimate the value at around 100-150 depending how nice the sporter project was done and whos buying it ,,

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