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Any info will help on this rifle would help. In good condition a few scratches on wood.

Says Model 1893 on top

273121 is on the front of lever

On barrel it says Model 36 - R? I think RC



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Hi Slantman
What you have is a "mix-n-match" rifle. The serial number on the receiver is from 1903 and the top tang designation, Model 1893, is consistent with that date.
The Model 1893 was re-designated in the teens to the Model 93. In 1935, it was modified significantly and the model designation was changed to the Model 36. It carried that name until 1948 when new design changes were implemented and the model number was changed to 336, a designation it carries to this day.
Somewhere along the line, your rifle was fitted with a later Model 36 barrel. The "R" may stand for "rebarreled."
Your rifle will not have any significant collector interest because it has mixed components. It is still a fun gun to have and should make a terrific deer hunting companion if the bore is still good.
Is the frame a take-down version? What caliber is it chambered for?
An original Model 1893 in NRA Excellent condition will bring more than $1,500 from a collector. Street value for your gun is likely in the $400 range.

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Thank you for the information!

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