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I have one that has been reblued and refinished and is in excellent condition. Wondered what its worth?

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Antique production (pre-1898) or modern production (1899-1935)?

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bill wrote:
reblued and refinished

Dear Bill
There will be little collector interest in a Marlin 1893 that has had both the metal and wood refinished. That said, these early Marlin rifles built for smokeless powder rounds still make very fine hunting rifles in deer country, and the 32-40 was a great deer and black bear round. Both my oldest boy and I have taken mule deer with handloads in the .32-40 using a rifle like yours. With the popularity of Cowboy Action shooting, the .32-40 is now making a comeback and ammunition may become more available.
The point is, you have a nice hunting rifle and if you want to sell it, there should be someone who will want to use it as such. But Marlin collectors are likely to look the other way.
If you want the age of your rifle, you will have to supply the serial number found on the bottom of the receiver. If it says Model 1893 on the top tang, it was made prior to 1915. After that time, it was the Model 93 until 1935. It was then modified and renamed the Model 36 and again redesignated the Model 336 in 1948.
Good luck.
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Anthony M.

The 32-40 ammo is getting more difficult to find. Even though it is out there, it's expensive. Keep the shells after firing. It's easier/cheaper to get them reloaded than to get new.

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