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Need to know what the value of this gun might be
Serial # is 2229432

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made in 1959 and value would be in the 450-700+ range ,,mabey even more at a good online auction with proper description,,post ww2 rifles and carbines seem to be slow movers and prices don't seem to be what pre ww2 models are bringing,,but they are higher than the post 64 models and are still concidered pre 64 collectors guns ,,

,,condition is a big factor in winchester guns as with any other collectors guns ,,and originality meens alot also,,collectors look for original finishes on wood and metal and no scopes or holes from having a scope ,,no sling swivels installed ,,and no extra parts or peices that didn't come from the factory,,threw the years many winchester have had these additions and have been used in the feild as they were designed to be used for but when a collector sees a scope mounted or the stock drilled for sling swivels or a recoil pad this drops the value in the collectors eyes,,

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