m191A1 Remington Rand 45 cal auto

6 years ago #1
charles g damiano

I have a 1943 WW-II M1911A1 Remington Rand 45 Auto with all the correct markings and serial#s This gun came back from England in my father's foot locker in 1945.I also have the original shoulder holster that was used with it.My father was a navigator on a B-24 Bomber out of England ( 8TH Army air Corp )445th Bomb Group.The serial#s show that it was manufactured in 1943 by Remington Rand in Syracuse New York.This 45 cal is in excellant condition with the original magazine (code L ) marking.I would like to know what the value would be on this gun and shoulder Holster.I also have a picture of my fathers B-24 bomber crew taken in front of the Bomber(picture is not for sale).

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